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925 Mission Street Suite 109
San Francisco, CA, 94103

Mugwumpin is a San Francisco theater and performance ensemble founded in 2004.  We make highly visual, viscerally performed work.  The now-ness of the audience experience remains at the heart of our pieces for both theater and non-theater spaces.



Occurrences take artists and audiences outside of the theater and into other realms of engagement.Each Occurrence is a unique, one-time event designed to unite artists and audiences around an idea, inviting the public into Mugwumpin's creative investigation and popping up somewhere you might not expect....


Lunar Process Modules 

It begins with childhood dreams of going into space and asks what it takes to actually get there. 

Performed May 2017 throughout the SF Chronicle Building

All about Lunar Process Modules >>



What does it take to make something gorgeous? LOOK AT YOUR SELFIE! BELIEVE IN YOUR SELFIE!! BE YOUR SELFIE!?! looks at the process and subjectiveness of gorgeousness and the blurred lines of what shapes our aesthetic desires. Created by El Beh

Performed July 2014 at Intersection for the Arts and on Market Street in San Francisco

The Gandy Dance

Continuing Mugwumpin's exploration of exhaustion and endurance, The Gandy Dance allowed audiences to follow performers as they dance on a day-long BART ride. Inspired by gandy dancers and the physically grueling spectator sport, the dance marathon, performers dance on BART for 20 hours each day. Wearing headphones and streaming music from a set playlist, these performers empower the joy of dance, blurring the lines of the personal and the public. Created by Michelle Talgarow.

Performed July 2014 throughout the BART system

Unlocked: The Story Swap

Audiences encounter well-known – and some not so well known – morals to stories, and record their reactions. Created by Stephanie DeMott.

Performed June 2014 at Lake Merritt Colonnade, Oakland


A 60-hour, no-sleep, no-holds-barred performance marathon, created by Mugwumpin: El Beh, Madeline HD Brown, Stephanie DeMott, Joe Estlack, Natalie Greene, Susannah Martin, Ashley Rogers, Michelle Talgarow, Christopher W. White. Supported by Katy Adcox, Carolyn Cooke, Sarah Elovich, Theodore Hulsker, Johanne Pastor, and Wolfgang Lancelot Wachalovsky

Performed December 2013 at Area 5 of California Institute of Integral Studies, SF



A performance-sound installation, conceived by Anne Allison and Christopher W. White; performed by Mugwumpin: Anne Allison, Rob Dario, Sarah Elovich, Maryam Rostami, Anna Shneiderman, Christopher W. White; Julia Lynton, house manager

Performed May 2011 at Envision Academy, Oakland and Fury Factory Festival, SF

Wake Up Horizons

Conceived by Jed Hancock-Brainerd, Rebecca Noon, and Christopher W. White; created and performed by Mugwumpin: Joe Estlack, Ara Glenn-Johanson, Natalie Greene, Jed Hancock-Brainerd, Julia Lynton, Susannah Martin, Rebecca Noon, Rowena Richie, Erin Mei-Ling Stuart, Michelle Talgarow

Performed December 2010 at The Hub, SF


The Search Party

Conceived by Liz Lisle; performed by Mugwumpin: R. Black, Madeline HD Brown, George Chan, Dave Garrett, Julia Lynton, Allyson Seal, Erin Mei-Ling Stuart

Performed October 2010 at Tilden Park, Berkeley

Get This Go

Conceived by Susannah Martin and Christopher W. White; created and performed by Mugwumpin: El Beh, Madeline HD Brown, George Chan, Joseph Estlack, Rod Hipskind, Maryam Rostami Erin Mei-Ling Stuart, Michelle Talgarow, and Christopher W. White

Performed May 2010 at Pacific Heights Motor Inn, SF

I Have This _____ [Possessional Confessional]

Conceived by Madeline HD Brown; performed by Mugwumpin: Madeline HD Brown, Joe Estlack, and Christopher W. White

Performed March 2010 at the Oakland Art Murmur