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925 Mission Street Suite 109
San Francisco, CA, 94103

Mugwumpin is a San Francisco theater and performance ensemble founded in 2004.  We make highly visual, viscerally performed work.  The now-ness of the audience experience remains at the heart of our pieces for both theater and non-theater spaces.



  THRUM , created with sound artist Anne Allison

THRUM, created with sound artist Anne Allison



Three Mugwumpin collaborators create new exploratory works, presented weekly, serving as aperitifs for performances in development.

JUNE 17, 12-4pm
JUNE 18, 3-7pm

Unlocked: The Story Swap
Lake Merritt Colonnade, Oakland

CREATED BY STEPHANIE DEMOTT You are invited to Unlocked: The Story Swap, exploring the personal in the universal.  Here you will encounter well-known – and some not so well known – morals to stories, and record a story of how they may relate to you personally. Sharing your story gives you the key to others’ stories. Listen to how others resonate with the same theme in your moral neighborhood. This piece builds towards a piece at Children's Fairyland, premiering Oct '15.

JULY 1, 4am-midnight 
The Gandy Dance
Traveling through the BART system

CREATED BY MICHELLE TALGAROW Continuing Mugwumpin's exploration of exhaustion and endurance, The Gandy Dance allows audiences to follow performers as they dance on a day-long BART ride. Inspired by gandy dancers and the physically grueling spectator sport, the dance marathon, performers dance on BART for 20 hours each day. Wearing headphones and streaming music from a set playlist, these performers empower the joy of dance, blurring the lines of the personal and the public. Audiences can track performers and stream their music on their own devices [FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR PLAYLIST]. Don your headphones and join them en route as a participant or spectator.

JULY 8-9, 2-4pm 
Traveling from Intersection for the Arts (Mission and 5th Streets, SF) to near the Market/Powell intersection

CREATED BY EL BEH What does it take to make something gorgeous? LOOK AT YOUR SELFIE! BELIEVE IN YOUR SELFIE!! BE YOUR SELFIE!?! looks at the process and subjectiveness of gorgeousness and the blurred lines of what shapes our aesthetic desires. Beginning at Intersection for the Arts (925 Mission St.) at 2pm and traveling to the throngs on Market Street near Powell/5th Street, come witness and participate in the transformation. (You may encounter Mizz Ellemenohpee Q. Arestiuvee until 4pm. Just stop by or stay for the duration - the choice is yours.) This Occurrence points towards Mugwumpin's upcoming installation Luster, commissioned by the Asian Art Museum, performing in August, 2014.


CREATED BY ANNE ALLISON Presented in the lobby of the ACT Costume Shop Theater prior to all performances, THRUM is an interactive sound and video installation that performs an act of intangible alchemy: using a mix of contemporary and obsolete technologies, light is transformed into sound. Two at a time, audience members manipulate the lights and shape the sound, meditating on the complex pathways by which we experience the world.