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925 Mission Street Suite 109
San Francisco, CA, 94103

Mugwumpin is a San Francisco theater and performance ensemble founded in 2004.  We make highly visual, viscerally performed work.  The now-ness of the audience experience remains at the heart of our pieces for both theater and non-theater spaces.


Luster at The Battery

Luster at The Battery

July 2016
With photographer Kegan Marling

Presented by the Battery as part of Bedlam, an annual interactive multimedia party: a carefully crafted night of art, media, and culture drawn from the Bay Area and beyond. The 2016 party drew inspiration from the 50th anniversary of the Trips Festival, a 1966 event in San Francisco that marked the emergence of artistic counterculture.

Performed by: Madeline H.D. Brown, Stephanie DeMott, Natalie Greene, Ryan Marchand, Soren Shane Santos

Photographer: Kegan Marling

Production & Direction: Natalie Greene

Production & Stage Manager: Mariana Olvera

Costumes: Sarah Roland with Sig Hafstrom

Assistant Stage Manager: Sienna Williams

Sound: Theodore Hulsker