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925 Mission Street Suite 109
San Francisco, CA, 94103

Mugwumpin is a San Francisco theater and performance ensemble founded in 2004.  We make highly visual, viscerally performed work.  The now-ness of the audience experience remains at the heart of our pieces for both theater and non-theater spaces.




A performance and photography installation created in collaboration with photographer Pak Han
Commissioned by the Asian Art Museum as part of Gorgeous, an exhibit created in collaboration with SFMOMA

photo by Kegan Marling

photo by Kegan Marling

What captures your imagination, catches your breath, gives you tingles?

What can you not take your eyes (ears, fingers, lips) off of?

What if we turned it up?

Mugwumpin joins forces with acclaimed photographers to bring your visions of lush beauty to life. It starts with a conversation between you and a Mugwumpin artist. Together, you'll delve into your appetite for the ravishing and sublime. The artist will then immediately transform your ideas into costume and performance. This is a performative manifestation of your beautiful ideal, but amped up: more splendid, more plush, more saturated!  You'll go home with a photographic portrait of you and your Mugwumpin artist.


photo by Pak Han

photo by Pak Han

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Luster at the Asian Art Museum (2014), photography by Pak Han.

Luster at the Battery (2016), photography by Kegan Marling.

Luster at Pro Arts (2016), photography by Kegan Marling.

Mini-documentary by Thayer Walker, with Joan Osato.